Chairman Strategist 2 Days Online Preview

Year of 2023 Business Plan, Have you get prepared for the CHANGE?
Chairman Strategist - 2 Days Online Preview

A simplified branding mindset course, that is a MUST for all entrepreneurs, leaders, CEOs 🔥

Able to manage on all-rounded branding knowledge, specifically on:
- Self Branding
- Product Branding
- Corporate Branding's basic formulation.

Facilitate CEOs' brain of having mono-thoughts, well-manage on business strategies and creative thinking ability, leads the team to create:
- Branding
- Profitable
- Systemize
- Nationalize corporate and brands, leading corporate towards the peak!

 Detonate Corporate Brand Training

Detonate Corporate Brand Training is mainly focused on corporate brand model, strategy, marketing and culture construction.

During the 3-day intensive training, leaders and team members have a deeper understanding of the value and potential of their companies. So as to maximize the profit. Meanwhile, the entire team ignite potential of company together!

Brandpreneur Mastermind 3 Days Offline Course

A CEO masterclass to obtain all-rounded branding knowledge, the formula of personal branding, product branding to corporate branding.

Inspire dualistic thinking, master the ability of strategic and creative thinking, guide the team to create corporate branding, profitability, internationalization, and lead the company towards its peak!


Students who join the course will automatically become Brandpreneur Club member. Brandpreneur Club -member, lead the CEO hand in hand to achieve greater goals!