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Become your business development partner and ready your business towards capital market. Our aim is to turn every great ideas into reality by providing financial assistance, intellectual property and professional advice.

TDT (Technology Digital Transformation)

Digital Transformation

TDT is an initiative aimed at supporting technology start-ups, projects or research institutions. Depending on the size of the project, the partners provide intellectual resources or capital to help the project develop further. In order to turn good ideas into reality, we aim to provide professional solutions to make the project more intelligent and endowed with life, and become a practical business profit model

BGT (Brand Growth Transformation)

Traditional Enterprise Brand Transformation

BGT is a program specifically created for traditional businesses to support SMEs through our financial/knowledge resources and to collaborate in a profitable way. Digitalization plays a pivotal role in the business of physical businesses. The main goal is to improve the operational efficiency of the company, employee productivity, customer experience, and most importantly, to enable the company to achieve an automated business model by installing an e-commerce system to keep up with the new era. company footsteps

Brand Accelerator Programme