Brandpreneur Club, a high value member exclusive club has founded in 2021 to support entrepreneurs with various resources.
Consist with entrepreneurs, mentors, and investors, Brandpreneur Club aim to be the most pragmatic platform to allow
members to tackle business challenges, involved in networking events and various business pitching events.

We Are Brandker

We Innovate and redefine
brand communication quality

one-stop-consultancy for business needs – providing 360 degree solutions on business challenges, both online and offline.


The school of brandpreneurship. Offers branding education that leads brand ideation into monetisation.


The brand digital creative agency. Provide cutting-edge business strategy and digital marketing services.


The brand investment group Turns great ideas into reality, provide business transformation resources.

We create waves of disrupting ideas
in the sea of branding


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RM199 (LIVE) 14-15/8 10AM

(CN) 老板自救 学习大会

RM3988 (1 Year Membership)

(CN) 品世联盟会员会籍

RM39.90 (WM Free Shipping,

(CN Book) 力拔兔的星光

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